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Join us for "Customer Appreciation Week" June 26th-July 1st

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WOW!! SHAKE DANCE & FITNESS STUDIO Voted #1 Choice...in not one, but TWO categories!! The Shake peeps have spoken & we're thrilled to have won such a prestigious honor!! We could not have done it without the support of the many wonderful people who've come through our doors & continue to return weekly. We're grateful, humbled & excited! Thank you so much!! Receiving this award only inspires us want to work harder to offer you more of the wonderful classes & services that you've come to love about our studio!!!

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the week of June 19th.

Stay tuned for a very special "Shake Peeps" appreciation, celebration!

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Our 3rd Annual "Cinco de Mayo" Celebration @ Shake Dance & Fitness Studio.

Join us for our 3rd annual "CINCO DE MAYO" Zumba style celebration! This is a 90-minute "Mega" class taught by several "Shake' instructors!! As its been for the past 3 years, this incredibly fun class is packed full of great sounds from Mexico, along with other fun Latin rhythms & dances. In true Shake tradition, we're following the class with good food, fun times & great friends! If you missed this event last year here is another opportunity to join in the celebration.

We'll have fabulous selection of fun Latin foods:

Tortilla chips
Salsa (a good variety will be great-so feel free to bring yours!)
Black bean dip
Black Bean Salad
Avocado & Black Bean Salad
Taco Salad
Drinks & more!!

Select an item from the list above or bring a Latin dish of your own, just leave the details below to avoid duplicates.

Don't forget to dress in you best Red, White & Green.....We're looking forward to "Shaking it" with you!!


"Burlesque 101" is Back!! Join us Friday March 25th 7:00-9:00pm

Hey Ladies~

Its time to take it up a notch! We had a little taste of "Burlesque 101" back in January with a 1-hour class. We're bringing it back for a two-hour event that you do not want to miss!

Its all about embracing your curves and celebrating being a woman! Learn the A-Zs of Burlesque taught by "Boston Baby Doll's" performer, Burlesque Instructor & head mistress "Miss Mina". Be prepared to laugh, shimmy shake and work it like a fabulous Burlesque performer. Though we're taking it up to the next level NO worries, there's still no nudity!

ATTIRE: Yoga pants & a tank top will work just fine, but dress up is certainly optional & encouraged for certain parts of the class. Details will be emailed to you with your registration.

$25 in advance $30 at the door. For further details & registration for this event visit us online at www.ShakeFitness.com. Please feel free to invite friends.

This is a spectacular event & spots fill quickly! So get your paid registrations in as soon as possible!

See you there!!

"FREAKY FRIDAY" 90-MIN of Fun! March 11th 6:30-8:00pm

Hey Shake peeps in place of "Mega Monday" we're offering "Freaky Friday" on March 11th 6:30-8:00pm. "Freaky Friday" is a 90-minute mega class taught by several "Shake" Instructors and a few "Shake" friends, representing several "Shake" classes. Join the 90-minute "mega" class designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving! Be sure to wear lime green & purple w/optional purple tutus!!

Join us for our one & only "Freaky Friday' class in March! RSVP at www.ShakeFitness.com, just click on the "Registration & Schedule" tab to create or log into your account. No additional charge, just one punch on your class card! Can't wait...see you there!!


Hey Shake peeps, "Mega Monday" is back and if you missed the first "Mega Class" of 2011, then you definitely do not want to miss this one! "Mega Monday" is a 90-minute class taught by several "Shake" Instructors and a few "Shake" friends, representing several "Shake" classes. Fun & easy to follow. A 90-minute class designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving!

Join us for our one & only "Mega Monday' class in February! RSVP at www.ShakeFitness.com, just click on the "Registration & Schedule" tab to create or log into your account. No additional charge, just one punch on your class card! Can't wait...see you there!!

Shake Fitness Helps "Shake The Weight Off"

Shake Fitness Helps "Shake The Weight Off"

A fun and interesting workout awaits you at Shake Fitness.

By Elizabeth Provo

On a freezing cold morning in January, a diverse group of ladies streamed in to Shake Fitness, a dance and fitness focused studio in Honey Farms Plaza on Main Street.

Everyone was greeted by Char Willingham, the owner and operator of the fitness/dance studio that has been open a year. Willingham’s high energy and beaming smile is encouragement enough to make one feel like they made a good choice by dragging themselves out in the cold and getting to Zumba class. Each student shed their winter coat, changed from their street shoes to their “dancing shoes” (sneakers) and went into the studio to reserve their spots on the wood dance floor.

While Willingham and her daughter Brittany, a part-time instructor, prepared for the class the ladies were laughing and smiling in anticipation of their workout.

Having been in both the fitness and dance fields as both a student and teacher for over 20 years Willingham saw teaching Zumba as “a perfect option to merge the two." Zumba is a whole body fitness routine that combines basic Latin dance steps with upbeat music for a workout that is fun as well as healthy. Willingham says that the best part of Zumba is that it is adjustable to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities, allowing participants to regulate the intensity and impact of their workout.

“It’s fun to bounce around and be active,” said Rose Sharp. Stefanie Brueckel “tried Zumba for the first time over the summer and thought the workout was amazing." Zumba keeps Shelly Wheeler “staying active."

Whatever the ladies’ reasons for working out, one thing they all have in common is the social outlet and friendly and comfortable atmosphere. It is no wonder that the classes attract people from as far away as Lunenburg and Fitchburg and as close as Northborough and the surrounding communities.

During the course of the one hour class the ladies laugh, cheer each other on, and laugh some more as they “shake the weight off." The workout is supplemented with toning sticks and “bling” trimmed scarves that make lots of “music” as they shimmy and shake. Willingham and Brittany work together – neither breaking a sweat - teaching the class all the while smiling from ear to ear.

At the end of class, after a yoga-like cool down is finished, there’s more smiles and chatting as the ladies change shoes, grab their coats and get out the door…each with a promise to see everyone later in the week.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of exercise, Zumba enhances one’s agility, balance, self expression and flexibility, thereby maximizing self confidence, keeping students feeling healthier and looking their best. If Zumba doesn’t sound like your thing, Shake Fitness offers a variety of other fitness programs taught by any of the seven qualified instructors that work there.

If you’re into a more low key workout without music and booty shaking, you can try Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gung) which is a system of healing and energy medicine with a Chinese origin. A combination of breathing exercises, movement and meditation, Qi Gong strengthens and distributes life energy throughout the body resulting in better health, vitality and peace of mind.

Yoga is a healing system made up of a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and originating in India. The practice improves posture, flexibility, strength, focus and concentration. These classes, just like Zumba are adjustable to accommodate all fitness and skill levels.

If you’d like to learn more dance skills you could try any number of adult dance classes such as ballet, jazz, bollywood, burlesque, belly and strip tease cardio dancing. If you still want a workout that is even more adventurous, coming later in the year is...pole dancing.

Shake Fitness offers children’s birthday parties, bachelorette parties or girls' night out activities. Children’s Zumba classes, private dance/fitness classes and nutritional and healthful living coaching, are all offered at Shake Fitness as well.

Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolution to get into shape? Is the gym not working for you? Go to www.shakefitness.com and check out the extensive schedule of regular classes (offered at all times of day) and special workshops. Pick one that sounds interesting and get over there. It is convenient, affordable and good for you. Most importantly you will receive a strong done of laughter, inspiration, friendship and enthusiasm (L.I.F.E.).